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First published Feb 2011
Final edition released Oct 2015

That's A Wrap

The online store closed at 12 midnight AEST on 2 January 2016. If you are looking for copies of go to the STOCKISTS page on this website for a list of official retail outlets.

Thank you all for your outstanding support and sharing in a love of the underground music scene and live music culture.

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It's Been A Wild Ride

Wild Ride.jpg

From the first edition, released in Feb 2011, has achieved all that I intended it to. Without compromise, it focused on the underground and emerging live music scene.

Performance and recordings are the end result of a culmination of many creative influences. brought together creative elements, with art and photography, that are a small part of the foundation of live music culture, with the printed page and the vinyl representing the physicality of music.

The absence of a "publisher's letter" from previous editions is a statement in itself. If a publication cannot say all that is intended without explanation, what's the point?

I would like to thank you all for your support and readersip over these last four and a half years.

I hope you enjoy VERI LAST, the final edition of

It's been a wild ride!

Zo Gay
Publisher's Letter – VERI LAST